Who is Kim Kardashian’s first husband Damon Thomas?

Friendless exes. Kim KardashianFans have seen the reality star navigate her dating life year after year. However, the scheme was married to the Mughals Damon Thomas Before he became the name of the family that he is today. Keep reading to know more about Kim’s first husband.

Years before he started acting Keep up with the Kardashians In 2007, Kim, 41, married record producer Damon, 51, in January 2000. The former couple met in 1998, when Kim was just 19 years old at their Las Vegas wedding. The marriage did not last long and they divorced in 2004.

Damon is best known for his production group The Underdogs, which he runs with Harvey Mason Jr. Producers have worked with numerous high profile artists over the years Lionel Richie, Pink, Chris Brown And And Kelly. Kim also wrote songs for the former film Help, Dg And Think like a human being. He is currently the CEO and label owner of Thomas Crown Records.

Kim has spoken out in the past about regretting her first marriage. “I was so dependent on the people I was in a relationship with,” the Hulu star said Harper’s Market In February 2011. “I don’t know why, because I wasn’t raised that way. If I looked at myself at the age of 19, I would shake myself and say, ‘Wake up; You’re too smart for that. “

All you need to know about Kim Kardashian's 1st husband Damon Thomas
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He denounced his ex as a moderator and previously said that he was “King of the Castle” in an episode of E! “She said she didn’t want me to keep in touch with my old boyfriends who would be able to contact me at the clothing store,” Kim said.

During a 2018 episode KUWTK, The founder of KKW Beauty claims that he was addicted to drugs at the time of their marriage. “I am just happy to be married. … First time. “He later added,” I once had an ecstasy and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, bad things will happen. [when I was on drugs]”

He then explained that the Las Vegas marriage was spontaneous. “We went to Vegas, he said, ‘Let’s get married!’ And I said, ‘OK,’ the mother of four remembered.

Damon recently responded to Kim’s claim that she was happy with their marriage. In an interview posted on Sunday, April 24, he told VladTV, “I don’t remember. I have a child. My child goes to the same school that his child goes to. So, imagine him having to deal with it at school.”

Despite not having the best memories of her marriage to Damon, Kim credits the musician for helping her learn what kind of relationship she wants for herself. “As I got older, I learned a lot from relationships. My level of tolerance is very different, “he said Enjoy In February 2022. “So after not being about the best year after year, you grow up.”

Similarly, to Kim, Damon didn’t always have a nice thing to say about his ex. He had earlier denied Kim’s claim that he had abused her physically and mentally during the marriage. The Kardashian The star complained about this in the divorce filing.

Domon said New York Daily News She filed for divorce in 2010 when she learned that Kim had cheated on several men with her. In addition, the producer claims that Kim persuaded him to pay for his liposuction and other plastic surgeries. “Kim is obsessed with fame,” he said at the time. “He can’t write or sing or dance, so he does harmful things to verify himself in the media.”

Damon is the first of Kim’s three marriages. TV personality got married Chris Humphries, 37, in 2011 just 72 days after she filed for divorce. Kim went to get married Connie West44, in 2014 she filed for divorce in 2021. Answer, 8, Saint6, Chicago4, and Psalms, 2. Meanwhile, Damon shares a boy with his ex-girlfriend Sarai Torres.

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