Who is Max Morando? Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend

New boyfriend alert? Miley Cyrus The drummer was seen kissing Max Living On the way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Looked comfortable in the photo published by Miley and Maxx Daily letter Friday, February 25th. In one shot, the two are seen getting together in a lounge chair, apparently kissing, as Max appears to be hovering over her. In another photo, they were standing on a porch when Max wrapped his arms around her.

This is not the first time they have been seen together. They first appeared at the Gucci “Love Parade” fashion show in Los Angeles in November 2021 and are back on stage. Miley’s New Year’s Eve is special In December 2021. This is the first time since Miley’s breakup that she has been seen in public with potential love interest Cody Simpson In August 2020.

So, who exactly is Max? Miley’s Rumors Continue reading to learn more about the new lover!

Max Morando is a drummer

Like the “Party in the USA” singer, Max is a musician. She was the lead drummer for the band Lily and was on The Regrets Band from 2015 to 2018.

In addition to the drums, Max plays other instruments in his spare time. In 2020, the “Sepulveda Basin” rocker reportedly showed off his guitar skills in an Instagram live video.

Who is Max Morando?  Miley Cyrus' rumored boyfriend
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Max Morando is a budding fashion designer

In September 2021, credits Miley Max and the emerging fashion designer Shane Castle Creates a colorful, cartoon-themed, two-piece outfit for one Enjoy Take pictures.

“This look is a kind of collaboration between my two favorite emerging artists, Max Morando and Shane Castle,” Miley told the publication at the time. “Their collaboration is a perfect example of the sustainability of becoming the next fashion phase, and it proves that anything can be rediscovered, which resonates deeply with me.”

Is Max Morando on Instagram?

Miley tagged Max’s Instagram handle @mmaxxm in a carousel post in November 2021, featuring a photo of her taking part in the Gucci “Love Parade” fashion show. Her verified account features artwork that she apparently created and, of course, various posts about her band to promote their music.

Although Max didn’t share any favorite photos with the Disney Channel Alum, he did post a screenshot of Miley. Enjoy Photoshoot in September 2021. Shown the snap The last song The star’s quote at the outlet gives him and Shane the credit for designing his look.

“Custom cartoon collaboration with @shanekastl for ilemileycyrus oguevoguemagazine,” the drummer captioned his Instagram carousel post that month. The gallery included shots of Miley’s multi-colored look, complemented by a matching purse she had captured in one shot for the camera.

Max gave fans a glimpse of how they made it to his post. He included preliminary sketch images of the costumes, so that long-sleeved shirts and shirts featured the faces of various cartoon characters and other shapes such as flowers and dice.

In a separate snap, Mexico showed the final form of Miley’s unique mating. She even adds a monster face bra and white cowgirl boots to each breast to match the cartoon theme. The word “Geek” was written on a boot.

When did Miley and Max first meet?

This isn’t the first time that Max and Miley have gone out together in the steamy Mexico Vac.

They had their first public outing during the Los Angeles Gucci “Love Parade” fashion show in November 2021. The actress of the song “Midnight Sky” tagged Max in an Instagram carousel post that month and included a picture of them together – although at the time they only seemed like friends.

“Love Parade”, “Climb” artist captioned the post that month.

A month later, the rumored couple was seen dancing hand in hand behind the stage Miley’s New Year’s Eve is special. Max has even been seen chatting with Miley’s co-host Pete DavidsonA source said E! In December 2021.

“They were all very friendly and seemed to have a great night,” the insider added to the outlet.

When did they last meet together?

The “Angels Like You” singer was recently spotted enjoying her favorite hobby with her new boyfriend. Millie and Max were spotted locking their lips in the streets of West Hollywood on Thursday, April 14, in the photo obtained. And! News.

In February 2022, an insider said exclusively In contact That rocker “already calls him his soul mate.”

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