Who is Rose’s new boyfriend Greg?

He’s his best scene! 90 day engagement Star Rosemary “Rose” Vega She has a new boyfriend after her bad separation from her ex-boyfriend Ed “Big Ed” Brown. But who is dating Rose? Keep reading to learn more about Rose’s new man, Greg.

Rose reveals her new male identity in a YouTube video, “My Boyfriend Meets My Strict Dad”, which she uploaded in April 2022. “Hi friends! I want to tell you something,” Rose, 26, told her fans as she sat beside her love at lunch with her family. “Who is she?” She’s my boyfriend, Greg. “

Greg looked at the camera in front of him as Rose was about to record their sweet moment. “And we’re here with my dad and we’re eating Filipino food,” he continued before asking his sweetheart, “What food are you eating now?”

“Vegetable, I don’t know what it’s called,” Greg responded to the Australian accent as he pointed to the vegetable spring roll.

“And we have a special dessert,” he added, holding a purple drink. “The food is really good.”

Greg, who appears to be several years older than Rose, spent three days in the Philippines with his long-distance love. He asked how his trip had been. “We had a great time,” he told the camera. “We’re doing things. We’ve had big, big celebrations with the family. We’ve been to the pig farm, we’ve been shopping, we’ve been everywhere. We rode motorbikes, it was great. “

He then asked Greg how he felt about meeting his father for the first time. “I only knew at the last minute that we would meet, so at first, I was a little excited, a little shocked ‘because I heard so much about him. It was really nice to meet him, not sure how he would feel about it. Greg said.

Asked if he was happy to meet Rose’s father, he added, “Yes. He is a hardworking man. A good man. We had to work in a car together tonight, it looks like we’re doing pretty well together, aren’t we? Rose replied, “Yes.”

90-day fianc rose lover Greg

The video was shot on the last day of a trip to Greg Rose’s hometown from his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. The businessman explained that he was in the Philippines for three days for business, so it was a short trip.

The 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Alum had previously revealed her new relationship with Greg on December 31, 2021, just for the new year.

“I found one. Thank you for being there for me and Yuvraj. We will always be with each other through our ups and downs, ”shared one of the mothers Instagram. In addition to the romantic captions, he shared a video of Greg holding hands and walking on a beach in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rose made her TLC debut in Season 4 of 2020 90 day engagement: 90 days ago With Big Ed, 56. They parted ways in the series and Ed has moved on romantically ever since. During season 1 90 day engagement Spinoff 90 days: single life, Ed Starts dating her current fianc, Liz Woods.

“Nine months after breaking up with Rose, I meet Liz,” he said at the premiere of the series. Single life. “A 28-year-old waitress at my favorite restaurant in San Diego. I loved her eyes, I loved her hair, I was fascinated. I loved it, you know, being around her. “

After several break-ups and a comeback together, including a dramatic breakup in season 1 of May 2021, the pair revived their relationship and got engaged that November.

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