Who is the wife of Canaan Thompson? Meet Christina Evangeline

Live Saturday night Star Kenan Thompson And his wife, Christina Evangeline, Married in 2011, and has been seemingly getting stronger ever since But fun and modeling can be a hassle in paradise. Sources close to the couple revealed that Canaan and Christina have been “separated for over a year now” when their daughters, Georgia and Gianna, read to TMZ. To find out more about Christina and the couple’s marriage, keep reading.

How did Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline meet?

Like many Hollywood romances, Canaan, 43, and Christina, 33, were seen through art connections! Talent Manager Danny Estrada The couple was introduced and later married in November 2011.

“[They’re] Very happy. They lived together as a couple and were excited to share moments with close friends, “said a source. Our weekly At the time “she was thrilled and a beautiful bride.”

In June 2014, Canaan and Christina welcomed their first daughter, Georgia Mary. In August 2018, daughter Gianna Michelle was born.

Even though Kenan is still very much in the spotlight, he puts fatherhood first. “I think the biggest wake-up call is how immediate it is,” the former said That’s all To say People Being a parent.

“One day you will not be a father and in the next moment you will be. You’re just a dad from that point on, “Kenan added. “And of course, my coldness just sucked from me. I didn’t know… I didn’t even feel it, but I immediately started wearing black socks and shorts and was really funny in the store and was very clear and asked extra questions about things on my face. “

Christina last posted some of Kenan on Instagram in August 2020. The mother of two shared a sweet clip of their daughter Georgia Canaan joining the judges America has talent. “OMG, this kid can tell you the life story of anyone who’s ever been on the show,” Christina said at the time.

What does Christina Evangeline do for a living?

Although Christina does not list her profession on social media, several outlets list her as a model, actress and interior designer.

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