Why Christina, the ants split? Inside their split

Christina Hall And ex-husband Ant Anstead Divorce after almost two years of marriage September 2020: But why did the couple decide to give it up? Well, the couple “just got separated,” an insider said earlier Lifestyle In September 2020.

“No one saw it coming. I hear Christina and the ants are just separated, “the source explained. “They are very different people from completely different backgrounds, and it certainly played a factor. Friends say the ants were the first to feel divided. “

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Christina and the ants initially had friendly access

Despite the bombshell breakup, for a while things seemed to be mostly friendly between reality stars. “It’s very sad, but they say they still love and respect each other,” the insider continued. “The conversations about the split were heartbreaking and heartbreaking, but they both came to the same conclusion and decided it wasn’t going to be a lifelong marriage.”

“The crazy thing is they are on the outside Looked like the perfect coupleThe source added. “It just shows that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.”

Christina has publicly announced her separation

The Flip or flop The star, 38, has announced a “tough decision to break up” Wheeler dealer Star on Instagram in September 2020, 43. “We are grateful for each other and, as always, our children will be our priority,” Christina captioned a photo of a former flame walking together on the beach. “We appreciate your support and ask for privacy for us and our families as we navigate the future.”

Were there signs that there was a problem in paradise?

Couple Seems to be going strong In April 2020 when Christina posted a nice PDA-filled snap while enjoying champagne. “We were supposed to be in the desert with my parents and five children, but those plans were thwarted … roll with the fist,” he wrote on Instagram. Coronavirus worldwide. “Cheers for a healthy Easter at home. Hope everyone has a nice Easter. We are definitely going to miss the church and a big family egg hunt. We both miss our family and friends. ”

Ants file for full custody of their son Hudson

After finalizing their divorce in June 2021, tHinges took a turn for the worse in April 2022 when the ants put their son in full custody.

Christina opened up Lifestyle Regarding the change in custody request, he claimed that the move made him “sorry”.

“If it’s really about Hudson, as he says, it should have been handled personally by a personal judge or arbitrator, as my attorney and I have suggested,” he said. “I have my ups and downs but I am a good mother and I love my children with all my heart and I will always protect them.”

In September 2019, they Welcome their first child Together, Son Hudson London Unstad.

HGTV personality is also the mother Daughter Taylor, 11, and son Braden, 7, From her previous marriage to her coaster Tareq El Musa. The car enthusiast also has two children of his own – daughter Amelie, 18, and son Archie, 15 – from a previous relationship. Moved with ants Renee ZellwegerChristina married Josh Hall Between April 2022.

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