Why he is not in ‘small people, big world’

Remember Molly Rolf? Its only daughter Matt And Amy Rolf Most are living out of the spotlight these days.

Although the 28-year-old was once a major cast member Small people, big worldShe now lives quietly with her husband in Spokane, Washington. Joel Sylvius. Keep scrolling to find out more about Molly’s position in 2022.

Is Molly Rolf married?

Joel popped the question before Christmas in 2016, and it was clear from social media that the whole family was absolutely overwhelmed for Molly and her then-husband, who exchanged vows in August 2017.

Amy recently shared a photo with the couple and her husband, Chris Marek. “When my daughter and husband come to town, I always have a good time,” the proud mother tweeted January 3 via her Instagram story.

Why Molly, the only daughter of Matt and Amy, is not in 'Little Man, Big World'
Courtesy of Amy Rolf / Instagram

What does Molly Rolf do?

According to LinkedIn, the former reality star is a senior accountant – external reporting at Nordstrom. He studied accounting at Whitworth University in Spokane – far from his family’s farm in Oregon. Not like his brother Jacob Rolf, Molly makes some (albeit rare) appearances on the show. Celebrity Networth reports that Molly is worth $ 700,000.

Is Molly Rolf separated from her family?

Absolutely not. In fact, Molly often pops up on her mom’s Instagram profile. She was a part of Jacob’s marriage Isabel RockEven though she wasn’t able to attend Isabel’s bachelor party, there was no hard feeling – as Amy explained, “she would have liked to be there, but she lived in Spokane and wasn’t able to make it.”

Molly and Amy Rolf on aprons
Courtesy of Amy Rolf / Instagram

On the other hand, Jacob once revealed why he no longer appears on the TLC show. In his book, Out of sightHe wrote, “In many ways, I just didn’t want this ridiculous reality TV to take so much of my time, lest it leave a deep impression on my ability to influence the world otherwise… I didn’t want to impose this. To become my identity, and So I rebelled like I did and finally got off the show. “

Instead, he and Isabel focus on raising their son, Mateo Thomas. The photographer gave birth to their first child together on December 4, 2021.

“Our birth story did not go according to plan; We know life is rare. The last few weeks have shown me what true surrender and trust is like, “the first-time mother wrote on Instagram announcing her birth. Being a mother is what I feel most about. Through all of this, I am now more confident than ever that our angels are always looking for us. “

Will Molly and Joel expand their family in the future? Time will tell!

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