Why Sharon Osborne was not fired from the perspective of Hoopi Goldberg: No one pays

Sharon Osborne, Huppy Goldberg

Why Sharon Osborne was not fired by Huppy Goldberg: No one gives AF-k about Jews

Sharon Osborne He is calling it a double standard of how and why he was expelled Scene. The 68-year-old host recently said that Huppy Goldberg was not fired from The View for his Holocaust comments because

‘No one gives’ about Jews.

As previously reported, Sharon has been fired Surgery To defend Pierce Morgan in his Meghan Merkel comments in March 2021.

Earlier this year, there was a headline to say hoopy

‘The Holocaust was not about race.’

When asked about this in an interview, Sharon said:

‘I’ll tell you why, because it’s Jewish, and no one gives.

Sharon adds that she likes Hoopy and blames Hollywood for the double standards and hypocrisy.

Hoopi has apologized for his comments and has been temporarily suspended from the show.

Sharon also apologized for the comments. He was permanently fired. His ‘panic’ and ‘defensive’ response.

She has a new show called The Talk – which will air in the UK.

The event will bring together five famous faces with different backgrounds and perspectives for debates on current issues.

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