Will Smith’s self-titled memoir Spike saw a sale after the Oscar slap,

Will Smith’s self-titled memoir saw a spike in sales after the Oscar slap, despite the actor’s TV projects being big hits.

Will Smith The TV ratings may be hits as far as it goes, but its book sales shelves off!

“Ichcha”, the rapper’s memoir since 2021, has risen to number 73 on the list of USA TODAY best-selling books. The book debuted at number 3 on the list in November last year and remained there for 15 weeks.

Will Smith

According to its official description,

“One of the most dynamic and globally recognized recreational forces of our time opens up completely about his life, a bold and inspiring book that marks his learning curve in a place where outward success, inward happiness and human connection are lined up. Willpower It tells the full story of one of the most amazing rides in the world of music and film that no one has ever seen. “

Will Smith, 53, published his self-titled memoir in November, giving fans a deeper insight into his life and background. The book topped the list of “The New York Times Best Seller” shortly after its debut, as with celebrities. Oprah Winfrey Calling it “The best memoirs I have ever read

Hopefully, the rise in book sales will put a smile on everyone’s face Will SmithSince he was slapped his projects have been put on the backburner Chris Rock Sunday, March 26 at the Oscars. As previously reported, Netflix And Apple TV +, Both are willing to spend large sums of money to secure the rights, but have backed out of the bidding war to turn the memoir into a movie.

In addition, Netflix Destiny has stopped producing ‘Fast and Loose’ and ‘Bad Boys Four’, which also has iconic actors. Martin LawrenceUnknown.

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