Yaya Mayweather pleads guilty to stabbing the mother of one of the NBA Yangby’s children

Yaya Mayweather, NBA Youngboy

Yaya Mayweather pleads guilty to stabbing the mother of one of the NBA Yangby’s children

Floyd Mayweather ‘Daughter of, Yaya Mayweather, Avoiding jail time after turning arguments into physical fights.

According to reports, the 21-year-old socialite recently pleaded guilty to stabbing a mother and then assaulting her with a deadly weapon. Youngboy Never Broke Again Children

Wednesday (April 13) Yaya Mayweather Appeared in a Houston court for stabbing Lapatri Lashai Jacobs, 26, in 2020. Reported, Yaya Mayweather He faces up to six months in prison for contempt – a huge reduction from what he originally faced behind 20 years in prison. The test may include community service, restoration, or a combination of the two.

Yaya Mayweather

It is alleged that the incident took place due to a dispute between them Yaya And Lapatra Lashai Jacobs. According to court documents, NBA Youngboy, 22, And Lapatra Lashai Jacobs Was at his residence April 4, 2020, When Yaya Reached is a heated exchange between the two women, leading Yaya To hold two kitchen knives. It is known that Lapatra He stepped towards Yaya And both are stabbed by the dominant with knives.

Lapatra Jacobs

A lawyer for Yaya Talked about the pending application agreement and said:

“We have settled the case between Ayana and the state.The agreement calls for Ayana to stay on trial for six years after which she will not be found guilty of any crime and the case will be dismissed. He deserves a two-year suspension for his good behavior. “

The case is set to be heard on June 16.

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