Youngboy has never stopped posting cryptic messages on Instagram that have fans.

Youngboy never broke up again

Youngboy has never stopped posting secret messages on Instagram that worried fans.

Young boy After posting a message on social media recently, fans are wondering if the Baton Rouge rapper is doing well mentally and physically.

The rap star Youngboy never broke up againFans are worried after the birth of Cantrell Golden, who shared a heavy hearted message through her IG stories.

Youngboy never broke up again

So far, there is no evidence that this is the reason for the post. However, 22-year-old Dr. Young boy He is currently dealing with various legal issues with co-artists and the pressure of his record label misconduct while fighting beef.

He wrote:

“I hope you are well

Thank you for my support

I’m in pain and I’m tired. ”

Following Young men The message, taken by many social media users on Twitter to respond to what appears to be a cry for help. Gathering a strong fan base through his independent releases over the years, his fans are often referred to as a cult following, as many know that his fan base is one of the most trusted and powerful of rap. Check out the fan response to the rapper’s post below:

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