Younger couple Jane Arnold undergoes ‘walking now’ post-hip surgery

Strong! Little couple Star Jane Arnold After undergoing a successful hip revision surgery in February 2022, he revealed “walking now”.

I’m just walking on a crutch now, ”the mother of two shared via Instagram on Friday, April 15, along with a photo of herself lying in bed with her dog Rocky.

“I haven’t been online in a while,” Jane, 48, added. “Balancing work and hip revision surgery and Mami Hood keep me busy and tired.”

On April 3, just six weeks after her surgery, Jane shared an update on her recovery, saying, “This hip replacement correction surgery was not the easiest.”

“Of course, I’ve had more than 30+ orthopedic surgeries in my lifetime where I usually stay on the body cast for eight weeks, compared to when it was still a piece of cake,” he added with a photo of himself standing with help. Crutcher, with his orthopedic surgeon.

Young couple Jane Arnold shares 'recovery photo' after hip surgery: 'I'm walking now'
Courtesy of Jane Arnold / Instagram

“Being a busy mom and starting a new job makes recovery time a little extra challenging,” Jane wrote. “Thanks to Dr. Bostrom and his amazing team, I’ve recovered and can start the process of walking again.”

“I can’t wait to hang out with the kids, drive to work and be able to clean the house again soon,” he added. “It’s the little things in life that make it great.”

Jane and husband Bill Klein They have recently sold their homes to relocate to St. Petersburg, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts. The move comes after Jane took a position at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as Harvard staff as part of the university’s medical school teaching hospital.

The neonatologist opened up to fans during an Instagram live on February 16 about the family’s big move, adding “time can’t be more challenging.”

“So, my left buttock, which was replaced 20 years ago, has finally decided to fail,” he added. “It was something I knew would happen but didn’t expect it to happen so soon, and so, here we are in New York, one of our favorite places, in town, getting ready for hip surgery.”

Jane and husband Bill, 47, share two children together, William and Joey.

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