Zain Malik shared a rare photo of the month of separation from Gigi Hadid

Looks unfamiliar! Join the owner Six months after her breakup, she shared a rare photo of herself on Instagram Gigi Hadid.

In the photo, the “Pillow Talk” singer, 29, is wearing cutoff denim shorts and a Tommy Hilfiger racing jacket, and looks very different from his normal appearance. He shared pictures of his 45 million Instagram followers with a thick, random beard looking into the distance, his hands and neck tattoos visible.

6 months after Gigi Hadid's breakup, Zain Malik shared a rare photo on Instagram
Courtesy of Join Malik / Instagram

Zayn’s rare update comes after his recent media fiasco over his feud with Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid.

The supermodel, 27, and a former One Direction member dated for about six years before being discreetly separated in October 2021. Their breakup came after Yolanda accused Jane of “killing” her during a feud.

“Zine and Gigi have quietly parted ways,” a source said Lifestyle At the time “they were in trouble for a while and tried to get them out, but it wasn’t working.” Insiders further noted that after their separation, “Zain is very much involved in Khai’s life and he and Gigi still care deeply for each other.”

Gigi and Zayn had a rocky relationship even before they welcomed their now-1-year-old daughter, Khai, in September 2020. The pair initially broke up in June 2016 but reunited just days later. They released it again in March 2018 for reunion only one month later. They finally separated again in January 2019 but returned together by January 2020, resulting in the birth of their daughter.

Their family feud erupted on September 29, 2021, when Jane had an argument with Yolanda at her home in Pennsylvania, where she and Gigi were raising Khai. Conflict results in harassment The real housewife of Beverly Hills Alum claims that the singer “pushed her into a dresser, causing her mental and physical pain,” according to court documents. Lifestyle. He also shouted obscenities at Yolanda, calling her an “off-king Dutch slot” and accusing her of “staying away.” [my] F – King’s daughter. “

As a result, Janto pleaded not guilty to four counts of harassment and on October 27, he was ordered to take anger management classes for 90 days per count (360 days in total) and pay court fees. Punished whatsmore, he was ordered to stay away from Yolanda.

After a quarrel between Jigi’s younger sister Zain and Yolanda, Bella Hadid, Took the side of his family. An additional insider reported Lifestyle After Bella “no longer a fan of Zayn” which went down. “He doesn’t want to be particularly involved but supports his mother and wants to make Gigi happy,” the source explained.

Zine’s Instagram update also follows Gigi’s 27th birthday celebrations on April 23, where she held a star-studded gathering at New York City’s Zero Bond. Gigi has not yet commented on the altercation between Zine and his mother, but his representatives did Lifestyle A statement after the incident: “Gigi concentrates on the best for Khai. He asked for privacy at this time. “

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